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Welcome to DCA Race Fab, 2022 has been another challenging year with material shortages and cost of doing business increases. We will be updating pricing on some items to keep up with inflation. Also a machine breakdown has put us behind with parts machining. Please call your order in so that we can let you know the availability.   If your order is needed quickly please call us and make sure we received it so you will have it when needed . Orders received by 3:00 pm CST are shipped same day. Also special orders or large items will need to be called in. In order to get shipments out same day we will answer as many calls as possible and will return calls as soon as possible.

On our A frames we are sometimes able to reuse the shafts if you want to send them back to us. The shafts are the most expensive part so if you send back to us you can save $20 on each A frame.

We have had requests for spherical bearings on our upper A frames to make them smoother and less likely to bind if the shaft gets bent. Check out our whats new section.


 We closed our walk in parts store in the fall of 2012 and will only sell our line of sportsman stock car parts. We will be open between 4 & 5 Mon - Fri. for customers to drop off and pickup. This change allows us more time to work on the custom fabrication jobs in the shop.

We are seeing an increase in custom cars and hot rods, also the need for rear end work has kept us busy. If you have the need for any custom fabrication or rear end work you can contact me by email or phone . Thanks Dan

 Be sure to check out our What's New section. We will be updating it with any new parts and more information on current parts.

 Any questions can also be emailed to and we will return them several times each day.


DCA RaceFab
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To order or for information call us between 9 & 5 Mon-Fri central std time at 608-781-3929